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Board Excellence

A nonprofit’s board is key to sustaining a viable, well-regarded and well-resourced organization.  This section provides practical guidance on the art and science of excellent board governance.

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Roles and Responsibilities of the Board

A basic understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the board is a good place to start in any recruitment and orientation activities

Board Room Inquiry Discussions

Board room engagement can be made richer by the board routinely asking questions which prompt meaningful discussions and quickly get to the heart of the matter.

The Performance Imperative - Qualities of High-Performing Nonprofits

What does "high performance" really means for nonprofits? How do you get there from here? The Leap Ambassadors Community, a network of nonprofit leaders has developed clear, actionable answers to both questions.

By-Laws Cheat Sheet

Create a handy one-page document to the most frequently asked questions from your by-laws

By-Laws Checklist

Review this checklist to see what you might be missing in your by-laws.

Document Destruction and Retention Policy Sample

Adapt this template for use in your organization today.

Governance as Leadership - Summary of Board Behaviors

This resource briefly summarizes some of the key differences between Fiduciary, Strategic and Generative thinking in the boardroom.

Independent Audit Policy Sample

Create or update your audit policy with ideas from this sample.

Is Your Nonprofit Ready for the Future?
Nonprofit Dissolution: What to do When Closing the Doors

We never want to think about closing the doors, but this document will guide you through what that process entails.

Sample Work-plan Calendar

Having a year-at-a-glance document that outlines key activities for your organization can help keep things on track.

Sculpting a High-Performing Board
Securely Distributing Documents to Your Board

Before the board meeting, you need to get some files to your board members for their review. Sending documents via email is not always the best way to accomplish this. This resource offers some tips for low/no cost sharing of files.

Sustainability Matrix Map Worksheet

Steve Zimmerman has shared this interactive Excel Worksheet for implementing his Matrix Map.

The Five Phases of Board Development

Boards of directors and boards of trustees are similar to other groups in that they go through various stages or phases of change. Certain aspects of each phase are critical to the successful development of the board and, therefore, the organization. Lee Bruder explores these phases and the key tasks of the board during each phase.

Yearly Workplan for a Nonprofit Board - Sample
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