Succession Planning

Preparing for Change

One of the key responsibilities of a board is ensuring that in the event of an expected or unexpected leadership transition – the organization is prepared. This section provides practical guidance on preparing for and successfully navigating a leadership transition.

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Roles and Responsibilities of the Board

A basic understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the board is a good place to start in any recruitment and orientation activities

A Leadership Transition Checklist

A list of some key documents and processes nonprofits should have in place in order to manage a leadership transition successfully

10 Steps to Develop an Emergency Succession Plan

Common Good Ventures shared this checklist for developing an emergency succession plan.

Chief Executive Emergency Succession Plan Template

Adapt this template for an emergency succession planning policy to your organization's needs.

Emergency Leadership Transition Sample Policy

Common Good Ventures shared this sample policy for emergency leadership transition.

Executive Transition Input Survey

Use this survey template to get feedback from key stakeholders during the leadership transition process.

Operations Inventory of Critical Functions for Succession Planning

Common Good Ventures offers up this tool to collect and organize all of the information critical to keeping our organization operating smoothly in the event of an unexpected departure of key leadership.

Responsibilities of the Board in Emergency Succession

Common Good Ventures offers up 10 questions the board needs to ask during an emergency transition in leadership.

Succession Planning and Transitions

Even when it doesn't happen in an emergency situation, the transition from one leader to another should be planned carefully.

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