Board Finance Role

Board's Role in Finance

A key role for any nonprofit board is fiscal oversight. Regular review of the financials, strong internal controls and asking questions can all help board members embrace their responsibility.

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Charter Sample - Finance Committee

Get this sample finance committee charter which includes a clear list of differences between the responsibilities of the finance committee versus the audit committee.

WhistleBlower Protection Policy

Adapt this template for a whistleblower protection policy to meet your needs.

10 Step Budgeting Checklist

Use this handy checklist to make sure you've covered all the bases in your budgeting plan.

Assess Your Financial Strengths and Weaknesses

Use this worksheet to capture a snapshot of your nonprofit's financial strengths and weaknesses.

Audit vs. Financial Review
Board Member's Review of Form 990

This table is designed to help board members effectively review the 990 and to consider the organization's policies and potential benefits of changes to those policies.

Board's Role in CEO Compensation

What factors do you need to take into consideration when determining reasonable compensation for your CEO?

Board's Role in Fiscal Oversight

This document outlines the fiscal responsibilities of the whole board as well as several committees.

Financial Dashboard Sample

Present pertinent financial data to your board using this dashboard template.

Financial Questions Boards Should Ask

Use this list of financial questions as a guide to meeting your duty of financial oversight.

Financial Statement Analysis

Nathan Wechsler & Company share this document to help answer the question "What should I be looking for in the financial statement?"

Fiscal Policy Sample

Use this sample policy as a starting point for finalizing your own.

How to Know if You Need a CFO

How do you know if your organization is ready for a Chief Financial Officer? You may already have a bookkeeper, a tax accountant, even a controller and a finance team. So do you really need more horsepower in your finance department? The J. Edgar Group developed a few questions that can help determine if the time is right.

Organization Dashboard Sample

An organization dashboard is a great way to organize financial information to present to your board and management team.

Preventing Fraud

Fraud in nonprofits makes for sensational headlines and rattles public confidence in the organization. These tips will help make sure you have all the safeguards in place.

Top Tips for Hiring the Right CFO

Bringing on a new senior manager is a high-stakes, time-consuming venture. Whether you are replacing an existing CFO, adding a part-time CFO, or bringing one on for the first time, these tips from the J. Edgar Group will help you find the right fit for your organization.

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