Communication Basics

A Multi-Channel World

We live in a world where people have many choices regarding how they receive information. Understanding the ways in which your target audience is finding information can help you make effective choices. For example, if your target audience is composed primarily of teens and young adults, you might not reach them through "traditional media." Instead, they are connected via social networks through the ever-present cell phone and Twitter might be more effective. It is critical to your communications to keep up to date with the available channels through which your news and information can travel and know how to use the ones that will bring you the most benefit.


Brand Basics

Brand Fundamentals shares the importance of developing a brand brief.

Brand Brief Worksheet

Use this worksheet from Brand Fundamentals to develop your organization's brand brief.

Branding Matters & Brand Standards

Savvy Workshop shares their insights about why branding matters and how to set up your brand standards.

Traditional Media

Press Release Cheat Sheet

Use this tool from A-Ha! to simplify the task of writing that press release.

Direct Mail: How to Make Them Take Notice

We all know how much of our personal mail ends up in the circular file. Don't let your direct mail end up there. Learn how to make them take notice.

Direct Mail Marketing Guide

Allegra Marketing developed "the ultimate direct mail marketing guide."

7 Step Plan for Bold Marketers

Develop your marketing plan with this tool from A-Ha! by answering a few simple questions.

Press Release Template

This template will help you formulate your press releases.

Electronic Media

Blogging Cheat Sheet

Use this cheat sheet from A-Ha! to create your best blog posts.

Social Media Policy Template

In our ever-connected world, social media can be a distraction in the workplace as well as confusion about who can speak for the organization. This template addresses some common issues.

Social Media Strategy Worksheet

Use this worksheet to answer all the questions you need to develop your social media strategy.

Web Design Do's and Don'ts

Check out this quick list of do's and don'ts for web design.

The Definitive Web Marketing Guide

The folks at Allegra Marketing shared this guide to proven strategies for top-performing websites.

Testimonials Cheat Sheet

A-Ha! Created this cheat sheet to help you get the testimonials that showcase your strengths in the best possible light.

7 Step Plan for Bold Marketers

Develop your marketing plan with this tool from A-Ha! by answering a few simple questions.

Annual Report

Tips for Writing an Annual Report

Take some of the stress out of writing your annual report by checking out these tips

Annual Report - Print Versus Digital

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The Go Factor

In the triad of "ready, set, go" NonprofitNext is the "Go Factor." Tools that you find here allow you to quickly move into action by downloading a resource that you can use today - A checklist or resource to bring to your next board meeting.


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