Effective Fundraising Practices

Engaging & Keeping Supporters

As technology has evolved so has the complexity of following the best practices in fundraising. People receive information from so many different channels and each channel has its own set of rules. In the information age, how much is too much and when is it not enough? Having a development plan with structured guidelines and goals can help you to be more effective in your practices.

Thanking Donors

Sample Thank You Letter #1

A sample thank you letter from Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Strengthening Relationships with Donors and Supporters

Allegra Marketing shared this tool for identifying ways to strengthen your relationships with donors.

Checklist for Donor Thank You Letter

You've written a beautiful thank you letter. Before you send it, run through this checklist to dot your i's and cross your t's.

Sample Thank You Letter #2

A sample thank you letter from a summer camp program.

Sample Thank You Letter #3

A sample thank you letter with an impact story.

Board Fundraising Role

Nonprofit Funding Models

There is no one-size-fits-all model of funding. This document reviews a number of models as identified in an SSIR article.

What Can I Do? Beyond Making the Ask

There is so much more to fundraising that being the person who "makes the ask." Share this list with your board members to help them engage more fully in the fundraising process

Put Some Zip into Your Fundraising

Use this checklist of ideas to bring new life to your fundraising.

Fundraising Roles & Responsibilities

This worksheet identifies the fundraising responsibilities of the board as a whole, individual board members and the fundraising committee.

Reasons to Give to My Organization Worksheet

Complete this worksheet in the boardroom to help board members Think through and write down ideas to formulate their "elevator speech."

Fundraising Quiz for Board Members

Take this board fundraising quiz to determine whether your board is as effective at fundraising as it wants to be.

Fundraising Dashboard

Modify this dashboard with meaningful measures from your own organization to give your Development Committee or Board a good picture of their progress in fundraising.

Board Fundraising Commitment Form

Use this form to give your board members more concrete ways to fulfill their commitment to support the organization.

Working with Consultants

Sample Request for Proposals

This sample RFP was to find an evaluation consultant for NonprofitNext.

Elements of a Good Consultant Workplan
Request for Proposals Checklist

Before you send out that RFP, use this checklist to make sure you've included everything you need.

Working with Consultants

Finding the right consultant and developing a strong working relationship can have great results. This documents offers some key points on working with consultants.

Development Plans

Development Plan Sample A

Check out this sample development plan for ideas to develop your own.

Development Plan Sample B

A sample development plan for a preschool.

Charitable Deductions

Receipt for Cash Donation Template

This template for a receipt for a cash donation can save you some time.


Unprecedented Collaboration

Nearly 20 foundations and corporations have invested in building the capacity of NH nonprofits through their support of this project.

Learn more about the collaborators


The Go Factor

In the triad of "ready, set, go" NonprofitNext is the "Go Factor." Tools that you find here allow you to quickly move into action by downloading a resource that you can use today - A checklist or resource to bring to your next board meeting.


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