Volunteer Management

Citizens Who Share Your Passion

Engaged citizens across the country participate in approximately 7.7 billion hours of volunteer service each year. They are essential to many nonprofits as a way to meet their mission on minor budgets. Yet, managing volunteers effectively can be challenging and time consuming. This section offers resources for maintaining your volunteer program.

High Impact Volunteers

Needs Assessment

This assessment tool is designed to help leaders and stakeholders reflect both on the work that is successfully being done in an organization and on what would be possible if more resources were available.

Acknowledgement Tailored to Motivation

This tool helps identify acknowledgement based on the motivational analysis.

Individual Volunteer Plan

The Individual Volunteer Plan (IVP) is a tool designed to customize a volunteer engagement career to meet both the volunteer's aspirations and the organization's needs.

Motivational Analysis

This tool is designed to assess motivational styles and identify types of volunteer positions matching those styles.

Volunteer Position Description

A Position Description details the responsibilities and expectations of the volunteer assignment and is the basis for cultivation, selection, and support of the volunteer.

Volunteer Roles

This brainstorming tool helps organizational leaders and stakeholders re-imagine how new volunteer positions can be developed—and how existing positions can be restructured—to attract skilled volunteers and build organizational capacity in new ways.

Volunteer Recruitment

Tips for Volunteer Recruitment

Incorporate these helpful tips into your volunteer recruitment plan.

Orientation Checklist for Volunteers

To make sure that each volunteer gets a thorough orientation, adapt this checklist for your needs.

Template - Volunteer Policies

Easily adapt this Volunteer Policies Handbook template for use in your organization.


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