Planning and Strategy

Taking Time to Look Ahead

A sustainable nonprofit must engage in thorough planning and heads-up strategy on a regular basis. Getting stuck in the day-to-day weeds without stepping back to look at how all the weeds fit together can be disastrous. From business planning to measuring the outcomes of your programs the resources in this section look toward the future of the organization.

Business Planning

Project Periscope - Keep an Eye on Your Mission When Planning New Projects

Someone proposes an exciting idea for a new program or service! The folks at A-Ha! Offer this tool to keep a sharp eye on your mission while you’re submerged in the details.

Business Planning Components

Get a better idea of what kinds of things should be included in your business plan.

Questions to Ask before Starting a Nonprofit
Program Analysis Chart

Chart out your programs to get a visual representation of your sustainability or your capacity to add a new program.

Questions for the Business Planning Process - Worksheet

Get prepared for your business planning process with this worksheet of questions.

Sustainability Matrix Map Worksheet

Steve Zimmerman has shared this interactive Excel Worksheet for implementing his Matrix Map.

Organization Dashboard Sample

An organization dashboard is a great way to organize financial information to present to your board and management team.

Business Plan Worksheet

Record the key aspects of your business plan in this worksheet.

Business Plan Versus Strategic Plan

Do you need a business plan, a strategic plan or both. Learn more about the purpose of each tool.


Thinking Differently About Outcome Measurement

In this article, Peter York challenges us to change the way we think about outcomes and measurement.

A Clear Way to Simplify Outcomes

National leader, Jason Saul, shares a simple tool for thinking about your outcomes.

Six Organizational Behaviors that Support Learning as You Go

Assessment and data guru, Peter York shared his list of organizational behaviors around outcomes that lead to success.

Collaboration and Mergers

Common Concerns About Mergers

Use this worksheet with stakeholders when considering a merger to see what common concerns arise.

Checklist for Assessing a Partnership

Use this checklist when you are considering a partnership with another organization.

Partnership Pyramid

This pyramid explores the variety of ways that organizations can partner.

Should We Consider a Merger?

Use this scaling sheet to determine if a merger is the right step for your organization.

Steps in Considering a Merger

Examine the various steps to undertaking a merger.

The Merger Conversation

Key questions to ask when planning a merger.


Unprecedented Collaboration

Nearly 20 foundations and corporations have invested in building the capacity of NH nonprofits through their support of this project.

Learn more about the collaborators


The Go Factor

In the triad of "ready, set, go" NonprofitNext is the "Go Factor." Tools that you find here allow you to quickly move into action by downloading a resource that you can use today - A checklist or resource to bring to your next board meeting.


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