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In the triad of "ready, set, go" NonprofitNext is the "Go Factor." Tools that you find here allow you to quickly move into action by downloading a resource that you can use today. These include:

  • checklists for you to implement processes
  • sample documents and policies that you can use as a starting point for your own
  • templated documents where you can fill in the blanks and be off and running
  • brief videos that you can use in the boardroom to facilitate discussions

Operations Tools

The Cloud Versus On-Premise Network

Jenaly Technology Group helped us develop this tool for helping to determine if you should be in the cloud or have an on-premise network.

WhistleBlower Protection Policy

Adapt this template for a whistleblower protection policy to meet your needs.

Program Analysis Chart

Chart out your programs to get a visual representation of your sustainability or your capacity to add a new program.

Sustainability Matrix Map Worksheet

Steve Zimmerman has shared this interactive Excel Worksheet for implementing his Matrix Map.

Organization Dashboard Sample

An organization dashboard is a great way to organize financial information to present to your board and management team.

Sample Code of Ethics Policy

Create or update your code of ethics policy using this sample.

Document Retention Sample Worksheet

This worksheet can be used to help you maintain compliance with your document retention policy.

Business Plan Worksheet

Record the key aspects of your business plan in this worksheet.

Document Destruction and Retention Policy Sample

Adapt this template for use in your organization today.

Operations Videos

Sustainable Business Models with Steve Zimmerman

Steve Zimmerman, CPA, MBA, Principal at Spectrum Nonprofit Services talks about the inherent interconnectedness of nonprofit mission impact and financial profitability.

Implementing a Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy

This program from Venerable provides practical guidance for nonprofit organizations on how to reconcile the pros and cons and best practices in crafting an effective BYOD policy for your organization.

Selling Your Impact Through High Value Outcomes

Jason Saul, CEO of Mission Measurement, talks about appealing to market interests through measurable results.


New Employee Technology Setup

When a new employee joins the organization, there is more to do than welcome them in and get the paperwork filled out. Depending on your technology set up there may be a whole checklist of tasks to get them set up for their first day of work.

Securely Distributing Documents to Your Board

Before the board meeting, you need to get some files to your board members for their review. Sending documents via email is not always the best way to accomplish this. This resource offers some tips for low/no cost sharing of files.

Tech Tip: Bring Your Own Device Policy

In a world where seemingly everyone carries a smart phone or a tablet, how do you facilitate the extra productivity that can result from mobile computing while still maintaining the security of your systems? Jenaly Technology Group offers a few tips.

Computer Inventory Worksheet

Use this worksheet to collect all the information on your computers. Having it all in one place makes decision-making easier.

Passwords: The First Line of Defense

It used to be that some locked file cabinets and a sturdy safe were the ways that we protected our information. In the digital age, we carry fewer physical keys and many more PINS, passwords and pass-phrases. This document shares tips for creating strong passwords.

Employee Separation Technology Checklist

When someone affiliated with your organization leaves, it should be standard operating procedure to evaluate what kind of access they had to technology resources and make sure that appropriate changes are made.


Unprecedented Collaboration

Nearly 20 foundations and corporations have invested in building the capacity of NH nonprofits through their support of this project.

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The Go Factor

In the triad of "ready, set, go" NonprofitNext is the "Go Factor." Tools that you find here allow you to quickly move into action by downloading a resource that you can use today - A checklist or resource to bring to your next board meeting.


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